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Status Future consideration
Categories HME / Infusion
Created by Guest
Created on Feb 16, 2024

Showing Order Organizations for each physician in explore function & excel data

Currently while using the explore option you have to select each individual physician “analyze” then go to order share to see what organizations the patients are being sent to.

It would be extremely helpful if we could see this information next to the physicians name in the explore list. I think you could add “Order Share Organization” as a filter/column. While some physicians have a lot of organizations they use, even showing top 3 or 5 would be very helpful. Ex. you could add 3 new columns to explore physician list. #1 Order Share Org. / #2 Order Share Org. / #3 Order Share Org. Etc - Each being their own column With the organization name listed in each respective column.

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  • Admin
    Sam Tuli
    Feb 23, 2024

    Addison, thank you for your idea submission. We are currently evaluating ways to help with enhanced market analysis and targeting referral opportunities. This idea will be added to our analysis.