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Allow User To Request Access From Trella Admin

Problem: when the user hits the :You do not have access to this..." page they have to reach out to their Admin about each provider they need access to. They may forget which providers they need access to and the interaction has to take place off-a...
Max Rothman 5 days ago in User Experience 0

add lob specific dual eligible patients

it would be nice to see not only total dual eligible population, but duals by LOB. so, how many dual eligible patients went from a hospital to SNF/HH/HOS for example. today we have total dual eligilbe pop
Mary Nichols 12 days ago in Data Metric 0

Identify related NPI's and/or identify when there aren't related FFS claims

If you pick an NPI that has no claims a page pops up suggesting related NPI's If you pick an NPI that has no FFS claims and/or no related NPI's a message presents advising this
Jessi Owens about 2 months ago in User Experience 0

add PACE data

i have customers requesting PACE data as they would like to find which doctors refer to PACE programs
Mary Nichols 18 days ago in Data Metric 0

Weekday reoccurrence for CRM calendar

Please add an options for: "Week days" when adding a reoccurring event so that Saturday and Sunday are not added check box Day options - Example "every Monday and Thursday"
Jessi Owens 27 days ago in User Experience 0

Provide highest affiliated agency for facilities in HH/HOS/SNF in Insights

On the explore tab we provide the highest affiliated agencies for physicians but do not provide this information on the Facilities tab. Please add this information.
Laura Green about 2 months ago in Data Metric 0

HME/INF Referrals from Sleep Centers

Allow our customers to understand where referrals are going from Sleep Centers. This would help out HME Customers that sell CPAP and sleep supplies - from Dusty Allen
Geethika Nandam 19 days ago in Data Metric 0

Print to word, ppt

currently, there is only a print to PDF option. while this option is great, there's no way to edit the charts/graphs you don't want once you save to PDF AND some of the longer tables get cut off. having an option to either "print to word" or open ...
Mary Nichols 2 months ago in User Experience 0

Add trends for discharge events by setting table in Insights Facilities

Please add quarterly or annual trends going back 3 years to the discharge events by setting and outcome by setting tables.
Laura Green 24 days ago in Data Metric 0

Show Hospice Marketshare by patient days

On the market share tab for hospice, patient days are a more valuable indicator of the size of a hospice than total patient numbers. This metric enables us to understand the size of service a hospice provides- ie they can have many patients with l...
Laura Green 24 days ago in Data Metric 0