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To enhance the current layout to fully utilize the screen real estate, requiring unnecessary scrolling to access additional columns.

Modify the layout to ensure that the Order Share table spans the entire width of the page, optimizing screen real estate.Enhance compatibility with browser zoom settings, such as the user's preference for 90% zoom. Ensure that the table and its as...
Marc Angelo De Guzman 16 days ago in User Experience 0 Future consideration

Customize column in the Explore Tab

Customer been endeavoring to retrieve data for Home Health Agencies (HHAs) across different markets. Unfortunately, there seems to be no straightforward method for efficiently extracting specific items for various HHAs. Presently, I have to access...
Guest about 2 months ago in User Experience 1 Future consideration

Automated emails for sales reps in the field

What I have in mind is a feature that Gong has where it's sending me automated email recommendations of where I should spend my time that day. It makes it easier to understand where to prioritize because when you go in to the platform the options ...
Connor Armstrong 23 days ago in User Experience 0 Future consideration

Marketscape Admin > Bulk Action Items on Users Tab

This feature serves the purpose of sending welcome emails and facilitating password resets for multiple users concurrently. It essentially replicates the functionality of the "Resend Welcome Email" and "Reset Password" options found within individ...
Nica Yabut 5 months ago in User Experience 0 Future consideration

Expand Salesforce ID Column in Admin

Forces user to click into the account to see the Salesforce ID. If user is trying to compare multiple accounts' SF IDs then this increases number of clicks.
Max Rothman about 1 month ago in User Experience 0 Future consideration

Quarterly Market Share Reports - Customized by Customer

Carter provides a quarterly Market Share report that to be shared with customers, must be customized for each customer based on the business lines and states they subscribe to. The CSM that is customizing each of these reports takes a significant ...
Bernie Segura 9 months ago in User Experience 0 Future consideration

Custom Presentations - Show all data from each table

while there is a workaround to put the custom presentation in landscape when printing & move columns that you want to show to the left, there are still some columns that are not shown when creating a custom presenation. example attached. there...
Mary Nichols about 1 month ago in User Experience 0 Future consideration

Presentation Button in Engage Tab

In order for the Comparison pop up to come up to create a presentation you currently have to do that under Analyze. It would be great to have the same green Presentation Button added to the Engage tab that currently only exists in the Analyze tab....
Maegan Williams 4 months ago in User Experience 0 Future consideration

Presentation Values Shown on Printed Documents and/or Slide Decks

When you hover over the graphs in presentations you can see the numeric values. My customer would like these values to be shown when using the Leave Behind template or creating a PPT.
Guest 4 months ago in User Experience 1 On Roadmap

Please configure the Saved View sharing UI on Explore to allow users to identify which views have been shared with them and which users a particular view has been shared with.

Please consider adjusting the UI for shared saved views on Explore to more closely match the UI for sharing & viewing presentations in Marketscape Insights: Ability to view share history - once you've shared a presentation with a group of user...
Ashley Scrimo 5 months ago in User Experience 0 Future consideration