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Admin: Add warning message if no default roles are copied when creating a new customer.

Within the Admin tool, you can create a new company. There are no roles copied/defined by default when creating a new company. Standard practice is to select roles to copy from a drop-down list. However, if this step is omitted by accident, any us...
Pierre Menard about 1 month ago in User Experience 0 On Roadmap

Referral Share across Physicians

Currently you have to look physician by Physician if you want a referral share % going to certain locations. It would be nice if you could automatically get a referral share % across multiple physicians/lists.
zach Risinger 3 days ago in HME / Infusion 0 On Roadmap

CMS Payor Mix reporting period label needs to be VERY OBVIOUS

This is a different reporting period than other metrics in this area of the page.Its important that on the Sales Spotlight note the date (2019) needs to please be added.
Nikki Condra 9 days ago in Data Metric 0 On Roadmap

Display Alias next to the words "my agency" on Analyze Pages

For any NPIs designated as a My Agency NPI, Analyze page should display(MY AGENCY - <alias text here>) All Agency aliases should show here - for competitors as well as My Agency.
Nikki Condra 23 days ago in User Experience 0 On Roadmap

put leave behind template from the Help Center INTO Marketscape Insights (Presentation)

customers love the leave behind template, but the template itself is hard to find. customers have requested that it (or a variation of) be in the solution so they don't have to download a powerpoint, then download charts/graphs to an external docu...
Mary Nichols 24 days ago in User Experience 0 On Roadmap

Metric for physicians affiliated with hospital on SNF Analyze vs going to Explore page

Prospect Fundamental asked for to see metric for physicians affiliated with hospital along w/ SNF patients (inpat) metric on SNF Analyze vs having to go to Explore page for that metric
Arun Narayanan 10 days ago in Data Metric 0 On Roadmap

Explore for Agencies needs to return search results on alias's

ability to add/edit/remove agencies from explore is blocked when I cant search by alias branch code
Matthew Mantz 23 days ago in User Experience 0 On Roadmap

Match targets to CRM

The CRM detail page has a "Targeted" yes/no indicator. It would be nice if that status matched the target list in Marketscape
Tim Arrowsmith 16 days ago in CRM 0 On Roadmap

Add long-term care hospitalizations

Virginia Medicaid now uses the existing CMS long-stay hospitalizations and ED visits to their metrics, both of which are claims based which we can only access through Trella. I'd like to see this added to facility specific measures.
Honor Chriscoe 18 days ago in Data Metric 0 On Roadmap

Color code headers to remove confusion

There are three attributes of our metrics that users consistently confuse. Let's create a really simple, visual, code to remove the confusion. Color identifies whether metric is FFA, MA, MAComm65+ Reporting period - 1 or 2 Claim count type: P=Dist...
Charles Fox 5 months ago in Data Metric 0 Future consideration