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CRM Goals: Add Contact as a filter

Please add a Goal filter of Contact
Jessi Owens 1 day ago in CRM 0

Print to word, ppt

currently, there is only a print to PDF option. while this option is great, there's no way to edit the charts/graphs you don't want once you save to PDF AND some of the longer tables get cut off. having an option to either "print to word" or open ...
Mary Nichols 4 days ago in User Experience 0

CRM Contact Birthday Alerts

Our team would like to see an automated alert that generates from contact birthdays. Ideally the alert could be turned on or off. It would create either an annual Calendar event for the Shared Owners, or it would generate a pop-up reminder that co...
Erica Smith 11 days ago in CRM 0

Add bulk editing capabilities in admin for Insights users.

Please add the ability for multiple user profiles to be updated in bulk by an admin. It would be ideal if users listed manager, state and product access, role, and enabled status could all be updated by an admin in bulk. This would alleviate the n...
Ashley Scrimo about 2 months ago in User Experience 0 On Roadmap

Please add highest affiliated HME/Infusion Organization

Please add the highest affiliated HME/Infusion organization to the Provider tab in Explore.
Dusty Allen 2 months ago in HME / Infusion 0 On Roadmap

Provide information on type of patients d/c from specific hospital in GIP vs. routine home care

Discharge pattern is important to understand from hospice agency standpoint. What types of patients are discharged into GIP vs. home from the hospital. This is in line with other requests to see more detail on what patients, by diagnosis are disch...
Laura Green about 1 month ago in Data Metric 1 Future consideration

Goal Type: Referral should measure Date Entered

We are working with Hospice of River Valley regarding goals. They wanted to change where we pull out the data on the referral tab. As we observe that the number indicated on the Goal Type are based on the SOC Date. They wanted to pull the data usi...
Bryan Henry Bernil 21 days ago in CRM 0

add star rating, nursing/therapy visits to facility destinations in Insights for Home Health

add star rating, nursing/therapy visits to facility destinations in Insights for Home Health. when doing a competitive analysis, having these quality & operational metrics on the facility destinations page will help put all competitive metrics...
Mary Nichols 23 days ago in User Experience 0 Future consideration

Add Filters on Physician Explore HH Insights for Patient Counts by PDGM Group

Looking for ability to target physicians by size of population by PDGM group- especially wound care.
Laura Green 25 days ago in User Experience 0 Future consideration

Add ability to favorite or target Assisted Living/LTC on Marketscape Insights

We are able to identify favorites and targets for all other types of providers- why not ALs and LTCs? This will help users identify these facilities as those to focus on.
Laura Green about 2 months ago in "Wouldn't it be cool if..." 1 Coming Soon!