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Show LOS for hospice patients by buckets of days of care

I’d doing analysis on our internal operation for what percent patients have LOS in different buckets of length. I was looking through the Marketscape data for our hospices and didn’t see this and thought I’d mention it has a potential enhancement....
Laura Green about 1 month ago in Data Metric 0 On Roadmap

Add a Diagnostic Group Filter to Explore for Facilities.

Just like the filter on Explore for Physicians it would be helpful to add a diagnostic group filter to the Explore page for Facilities so Facilities can be targeted based on specific diagnostic groups of interest.
Ashley Orris 11 days ago in User Experience 0 On Roadmap

Filter "Medical Group (Billing NPI)" as you filter by Location

When you filter your location beyond state, the Medical Group (Billing NPI) results stay the same. It only filters by state. It would be helpful if we could filter this down to county, city, zip.
Madison Burns 18 days ago in "Wouldn't it be cool if..." 0 Future consideration

Add a download that allows management to review physicians decile, market share MCR percentage, total patient count, address, NPI, county and zip

The information above would allow the management team to review the market to gain a perspective on which physicians to target and where to open another office
James DeVriendt about 2 months ago in Data Metric 3 Future consideration

Add LOS for by place of service in Hospice MARINS

It would be helpful to see length of stay (Ave and Median) by place of service including assisted living, hospitals, home, etc... - even better if we can provide this for place of service as well as site of service. Please note assisted living.
Laura Green 27 days ago in Data Metric 0 On Roadmap

Include legend that explains information on what data elements are included.

I feel that it would be most beneficial to be able to include this information when building presentations so that when they are printed and shared with providers, they understand the detail after the marketer leaves. I think this is especially im...
Brandon Culp 27 days ago in User Experience 1 On Roadmap

Hospice GIP info in GACH data

Would love to know the volume of hospice GIP level of care is provided inside ACHs.
Kristi Wimberly 3 months ago in Data Metric 9 On Roadmap

Update Notifications in Admin When Adding An Existing User or Email Address

Admin page is stuck on a loading screen when adding an Existing User or Email Address. A notification will give more clarity if this is a browser/app issue or if the user exists already and guidance to the admin of what will be the next step.
Nica Yabut 3 months ago in User Experience 0 On Roadmap

Add a filter for Manager & their assigned users to the My Activity Usage Report on the home page.

Executives or Regional VPs may have a number of managers that roll up to them as part of the manager hierarchy in Marketscape Insights. Since the report shows users that the Execs manage and all users that roll up to that manager on the My Activit...
Ashley Orris about 1 month ago in User Experience 0 On Roadmap

Add the definition and timeframe to charts that are shown in presentations/jpeg downloads

It would be very helpful if, for the charts that one can download throughout the platform, the definitions of the metrics shown on the "i's" at the top of the columns, were to download with the chart so that the definition and timeframe were visib...
Laura Green 18 days ago in User Experience 0 On Roadmap