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Marketscape Insights Idea Center
Status Future consideration
Categories User Experience
Created by Ashley Scrimo
Created on Sep 25, 2023

Please configure the Saved View sharing UI on Explore to allow users to identify which views have been shared with them and which users a particular view has been shared with.

Please consider adjusting the UI for shared saved views on Explore to more closely match the UI for sharing & viewing presentations in Marketscape Insights:

  • Ability to view share history - once you've shared a presentation with a group of users, it will list out each individual you have shared the presentation with when you click into it. It would be nice if shared views worked the same to list out users who the view has been shared with as this would eliminate the question of who you have shared a presentation with and validate if you have even shared a presentation with them yet or not.

  • The ability for users to identify saved views that were shared with them versus ones they've created themselves

  • Ability to share with just one person from the contact list, without having to create a new Saved Share List or updating a prior Saved Share List.

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