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A heat map that shows zipcodes and counties in the states and that focuses on hospice patient volume whether they come from facilities or physicians.

The heat map would be useful for administartors/managers to identify target areas with high hospice patient volumes and focus their marketing efforts towards these areas. The reason for the heat map will be time related and performance evaluation ...
Guest 15 days ago in Data Metric 1 Future consideration

MAR INS > Better login error messages

Any time the login process does not allow a user to progress to the portal of choice the interface should explain the reason to the user so they can relay that to their admin. For example, if the HME user does not have an active code set or there ...
Geethika Nandam 17 days ago in User Experience 0 Future consideration

Presentation Print to work with Larger Data

When you have detailed data clipped on a presentation instead of a chart, and you try to Print the presentation on Landscape, Portrait, PDF, it doesn't matter, it gets cut off on each page.
Maegan Williams 21 days ago in User Experience 0 Future consideration

Please add hospice affiliation % and highest hospice affiliated to the facility in the facility tab on Explore in Insights

This will help user to view the hospice affilaiation in Explore tab and do not need to switch tab for better data comparisson
Marc Angelo De Guzman 27 days ago in Data Metric 0 Future consideration

add phone number on facility explore page

adding phone number allows for folks to quickly find contact info rather than going into the analyze page to find
Guest 28 days ago in User Experience 0 Future consideration

Assigned user filter on Organization tab

Filtering by Assigned User is available on the Physicians tab in MAR INS HME/INF. Being able to filter by Assigned User on the Organizations tab would be valuable for those who use the Orgs tab.
Guest about 2 months ago in HME / Infusion 0 Future consideration

Add VA data into MAR INS

helps customers target sources that see VA patients
Mary Nichols about 2 months ago in Data Metric 0 Future consideration

Patient Diagnostic Mix - Trended Data

The data on the Patient Diagnostic Mix table in Utilization and Quality is very helpful, but other than the Medicare FFS patient counts, it's unclear what time frame the data is reflecting. We would like to see at least 2 reporting periods represe...
Erin Givan about 2 months ago in Data Metric 1 Future consideration

To enhance the current layout to fully utilize the screen real estate, requiring unnecessary scrolling to access additional columns.

Modify the layout to ensure that the Order Share table spans the entire width of the page, optimizing screen real estate.Enhance compatibility with browser zoom settings, such as the user's preference for 90% zoom. Ensure that the table and its as...
Marc Angelo De Guzman 2 months ago in User Experience 0 Future consideration

Showing Order Organizations for each physician in explore function & excel data

Currently while using the explore option you have to select each individual physician “analyze” then go to order share to see what organizations the patients are being sent to. It would be extremely helpful if we could see this information next to...
Guest 2 months ago in HME / Infusion 1 Future consideration