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Patient Diagnostic Mix - Trended Data

The data on the Patient Diagnostic Mix table in Utilization and Quality is very helpful, but other than the Medicare FFS patient counts, it's unclear what time frame the data is reflecting. We would like to see at least 2 reporting periods represe...
Erin Givan 11 days ago in Data Metric 1 Future consideration

To enhance the current layout to fully utilize the screen real estate, requiring unnecessary scrolling to access additional columns.

Modify the layout to ensure that the Order Share table spans the entire width of the page, optimizing screen real estate.Enhance compatibility with browser zoom settings, such as the user's preference for 90% zoom. Ensure that the table and its as...
Marc Angelo De Guzman 16 days ago in User Experience 0 Future consideration

Showing Order Organizations for each physician in explore function & excel data

Currently while using the explore option you have to select each individual physician “analyze” then go to order share to see what organizations the patients are being sent to. It would be extremely helpful if we could see this information next to...
Guest 16 days ago in HME / Infusion 1 Future consideration

adding HHA patients entered to explore tab

I would like to be able to see the number of patients who entered HH within 30 days of d/c but didn't have HH coded at the time of d/c on the explore page so i can look at that metric for multiple facilities at once.
Kristi Wimberly 6 months ago in  0 Future consideration

Customize column in the Explore Tab

Customer been endeavoring to retrieve data for Home Health Agencies (HHAs) across different markets. Unfortunately, there seems to be no straightforward method for efficiently extracting specific items for various HHAs. Presently, I have to access...
Guest about 2 months ago in User Experience 1 Future consideration

Mobile Marketscape Insights for HME/INF

A consistent request we get from HME/INF companies is a mobile version of insights. Large prospect just requested it most recently for their 200 reps.
Connor Armstrong 23 days ago in Mobile 0 Future consideration

Highlight New Physicians in the data set

A prospect requested a way to see in the UI that a certain physician is new to the dataset that wasn't on there before.
Connor Armstrong 23 days ago in Data Metric 0 Future consideration

Automated emails for sales reps in the field

What I have in mind is a feature that Gong has where it's sending me automated email recommendations of where I should spend my time that day. It makes it easier to understand where to prioritize because when you go in to the platform the options ...
Connor Armstrong 23 days ago in User Experience 0 Future consideration

Add as Account Option in Marketscape Insights

Within Marketscape Insights - add an option for a rep to Add that physician or facility as an account within CRM. Right now, it only allows you to add as a contact.
Guest 8 months ago in CRM 0 Future consideration

Add Practice Details info to Mobile App for Physicians

Our reps need site of service, place of service, hospital affiliation, ACO affiliation, and phys billing group info on their devices. Reps need the details on the Practice Details tab to lookup and remind themselves of all the place where they can...
Nikki Condra 8 months ago in Mobile 0 Future consideration