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MAR INS HME/INF - Code set permission for users to only have certain code sets

A large data only customer has requested that their sales team only be permitted to see the code sets that pertain to their specific job, not all of the code sets that the company has purchased. We are wondering if we might be able to assign code ...
Chandler Hoffmann about 1 month ago in HME / Infusion 0 Coming Soon!

add ownership filter to explore page

on the explore page, it would be helpful to have a filter that allows you to filter by owner to find all agencies owned by that entity.
Mary Nichols 3 months ago in User Experience 0 Coming Soon!

Add the definition and timeframe to charts that are shown in presentations/jpeg downloads

It would be very helpful if, for the charts that one can download throughout the platform, the definitions of the metrics shown on the "i's" at the top of the columns, were to download with the chart so that the definition and timeframe were visib...
Laura Green 10 months ago in User Experience 0 Coming Soon!

Include legend that explains information on what data elements are included.

I feel that it would be most beneficial to be able to include this information when building presentations so that when they are printed and shared with providers, they understand the detail after the marketer leaves. I think this is especially im...
Brandon Culp 10 months ago in User Experience 1 Coming Soon!

Add Trella as a source on Presentations

Although Trella is mentioned as the source on the leave behind, it is not marked on presentations. It would be very helpful to add to presentations a footnote that explains the Trella data as the source for the charts as well as the time period th...
Laura Green about 1 year ago in User Experience 0 Coming Soon!