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Assigned user filter on Organization tab

Filtering by Assigned User is available on the Physicians tab in MAR INS HME/INF. Being able to filter by Assigned User on the Organizations tab would be valuable for those who use the Orgs tab.
Guest 4 days ago in HME / Infusion 0

Showing Order Organizations for each physician in explore function & excel data

Currently while using the explore option you have to select each individual physician “analyze” then go to order share to see what organizations the patients are being sent to. It would be extremely helpful if we could see this information next to...
Guest 17 days ago in HME / Infusion 1 Future consideration

MAR INS HME/INF - Code set permission for users to only have certain code sets

A large data only customer has requested that their sales team only be permitted to see the code sets that pertain to their specific job, not all of the code sets that the company has purchased. We are wondering if we might be able to assign code ...
Chandler Hoffmann about 1 month ago in HME / Infusion 0 Coming Soon!

Differentiate Pie Chart Colors in HME Analyze

Pie charts should have different colors to distinguish between payers
Max Rothman 4 months ago in HME / Infusion 0 Future consideration

Map View when choosing locations/cities, etc.

It would be so much easier if instead of zip codes, or city names, etc. You just had an actual map, sectioned off by city or zip code, and we can just select the sub-areas of the map we want to search.
Joshua Arabian 5 months ago in HME / Infusion 0 Future consideration

HME/INF Market Share

Customers would like to be able to view their market share to know where they stand in their market versus their competitors for their specific code sets.
Chandler Hoffmann 5 months ago in HME / Infusion 0 Future consideration

Explore of Organizations for HME/Infusion

Under the Explore Tab for Organizations. Right now when you search for an organization, the organization shows up multiple times based on how many code sets are created for an account. This creates confusion and diffulty finding an organization. C...
Guest 5 months ago in HME / Infusion 0 Future consideration

Referral Share across Physicians

Currently you have to look physician by Physician if you want a referral share % going to certain locations. It would be nice if you could automatically get a referral share % across multiple physicians/lists.
zach Risinger over 1 year ago in HME / Infusion 0 On Roadmap

INS HME/INF Order Share % Export Functionality

order share screen and one feature I miss is that there is no great way to mass export physicians order %’s en mass. For example, if I have a list of 1000 physicians I care about in a market I can find their relative order rank fairly quickly usin...
Chandler Hoffmann about 1 year ago in HME / Infusion 0 Future consideration

Trended Reports Order Data/Reports

Clients would love to see trends on the analyze q/q and market share reports county by county.
Bryan Costreie about 1 year ago in HME / Infusion 0 On Roadmap