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Add Google Slides as download option for Presentations on Insights

The current options to download and externally share presentations on Insights are pdf, word, pdf and open office. Not all customers have access to these options. Everyone can access Google Sheets so it would be easier for folks to download presen...
Laura Green 8 months ago in User Experience 0 Will not implement

Ability to download user report for users into Excel

In the Admin section of Marketscape Insights, on the Reports tab, Usage Reports- there is the ability to download the usage at the company level to Excel, but not at the user level on the chart at the bottom that breaks weekly or monthly usage out...
Laura Green over 1 year ago in User Experience 0 Will not implement

Retain the filters that were used in the Explore tab without having it saved

When placing filters on the Explore page and when selecting a physician/facility/agency, the filters on the explore page will reset when you go back to it. Suggestion: To have the Explore page retain the filters that the user created without havin...
john Agravante over 1 year ago in User Experience 0 Will not implement

Performance improvement for customers with large numbers of aliases

Currently Marketscape creates a temp db table in Snowflake for customer specific aliases and joins to that table to return results back to Marketscape. A better approach would be to run the Snowflake query without joining to an alias temp table, a...
Pierre Menard about 2 years ago in User Experience 2 Will not implement

Create more variations of the leave behind template for customers to use.

Currently there is only a leave behind template built out for Home health and Hospice and both of those are focused on agency comparisons. It would be nice to have a SNF variation but also other templates for each LOB with other key insights desig...
Ashley Scrimo over 2 years ago in "Wouldn't it be cool if..." 1 Will not implement

Chat Now

I believe having a live chat option available would benefit all users, new and old. If a user happens to forget the steps, is having a hard time with a search or creating something for a presentation. I truly feel having a specialist at your finge...
Jessica Banks-Lee over 2 years ago in "Wouldn't it be cool if..." 1 Will not implement

Remove sparklines from destinations/sources tables

I think these are an eye sore, and we could save a good amount of real estate if we remove them completely
Jesse Steinberg almost 3 years ago in User Experience 1 Will not implement

Ability to get to last page of explore search

It would be helpful to know the number rows an explore search yields and to know in advance if it is more than 5,000 before downloading (e.g. if there are more than 5,000 records we have to arrow through 200 records at a time to get to the end - w...
Vivian Brocato almost 3 years ago in Data Metric 1 Will not implement

RE: Acuity Score Scale

Request from Chad Higbee Could we provide a 1-10 scale as a simple way to compare relative acuity averages between similar providers. Three points is not sufficiently detailed.
Lauren Byers almost 3 years ago in  2 Will not implement

Consistent display of digits for the same metric

The same metric that shows on Explore, Insights and in its respective table display a different number of digits and rounding. For example: Explore shows 11.9, Insights 11.86, and the Readmission table 12. I understand that it is due to rounding, ...
Garrison Young about 3 years ago in Data Metric 0 Will not implement