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Presentation Button in Engage Tab

In order for the Comparison pop up to come up to create a presentation you currently have to do that under Analyze. It would be great to have the same green Presentation Button added to the Engage tab that currently only exists in the Analyze tab....
Maegan Williams 4 months ago in User Experience 0 Future consideration

Presentation Values Shown on Printed Documents and/or Slide Decks

When you hover over the graphs in presentations you can see the numeric values. My customer would like these values to be shown when using the Leave Behind template or creating a PPT.
Guest 4 months ago in User Experience 1 On Roadmap

Add Contact and Pt demographics info on Explore tab columns

There appears to be no easy way to pull a couple items for various HHA efficiently à currently have to click into each HHA profile individually and click drop down. Is there a way you could pull home health agencies information and/or include on t...
Jessica Owens about 1 month ago in "Wouldn't it be cool if..." 0 Future consideration

MAR INS HME/INF - Code set permission for users to only have certain code sets

A large data only customer has requested that their sales team only be permitted to see the code sets that pertain to their specific job, not all of the code sets that the company has purchased. We are wondering if we might be able to assign code ...
Chandler Hoffmann about 1 month ago in HME / Infusion 0 Coming Soon!

Please configure the Saved View sharing UI on Explore to allow users to identify which views have been shared with them and which users a particular view has been shared with.

Please consider adjusting the UI for shared saved views on Explore to more closely match the UI for sharing & viewing presentations in Marketscape Insights: Ability to view share history - once you've shared a presentation with a group of user...
Ashley Scrimo 5 months ago in User Experience 0 Future consideration

Show LOS for hospice patients by buckets of days of care

I’d doing analysis on our internal operation for what percent patients have LOS in different buckets of length. I was looking through the Marketscape data for our hospices and didn’t see this and thought I’d mention it has a potential enhancement....
Laura Green 10 months ago in Data Metric 0 Future consideration

Ability to Create Multiple NPI Groups for one business line

currenlty, we can only create one NPI Group for each LOB (HH, HOS, SNF), but some larger customers want to have the ability to create multiple NPI Groups for their region (Our Hospice Agency North has one NPI Group with their respective sets of NP...
Mary Nichols 7 months ago in "Wouldn't it be cool if..." 0 Future consideration

Add CPT Filter to Marketscape

Add CPT Filter to Marketscape. Requested in order to search by CPT code because it aligns with the way in which customer handles referrals and new business partnerships.
Laura Green over 2 years ago in  8 Future consideration

Please add the ability to search for new agencies in Marketscape Insights Explore, Global Search box, and on the "My Agency" NPI list even if no data is pulling through yet.

This is useful to brand-new agencies or organizations with recently acquired NPIs. They often have no data to reference regarding their agency for a long time since the data runs on a 5-6 month lag. During that time, they cannot add their NPI to t...
Ashley Scrimo 7 months ago in User Experience 1 Future consideration

add a column on Explore page for Inpatient/Outpatient patient counts

on the explore page, we have inp & outp separated, but it would be helpful to see them together (like we do on destinations) to see the total of inp/outp together.
Mary Nichols about 2 months ago in Data Metric 0 Future consideration