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Add Hospice Stays in Long Term Care Beds in Skilled Nursing Facilities

Trella provides an incomplete view of hospice care in the skilled nursing faciity because we are not showing LTC beds. In the hospice claim, Q5003 is a code that identifies place of service as LTC - submitted by the hospice agency. Can we provide ...
Laura Green 9 months ago in Data Metric 1 Future consideration

Map View when choosing locations/cities, etc.

It would be so much easier if instead of zip codes, or city names, etc. You just had an actual map, sectioned off by city or zip code, and we can just select the sub-areas of the map we want to search.
Joshua Arabian 5 months ago in HME / Infusion 0 Future consideration

Update Notifications in Admin When Adding An Existing User or Email Address

Admin page is stuck on a loading screen when adding an Existing User or Email Address. A notification will give more clarity if this is a browser/app issue or if the user exists already and guidance to the admin of what will be the next step.
Nica Yabut 12 months ago in User Experience 0 Future consideration

Add new metrics to hospital destinations table

We'd actually like to see average visits data and time to start of care data added to Destinations table first so that we can export all of the competitive comparison data at the same time (one export). Consider also adding average nursing & t...
Kristi Wimberly 12 months ago in Data Metric 2 Future consideration

Group NPs/PAs with their Physician

If it's possible, having NP and PA info tied to the physician would be so helpful. Maybe under the practice details tab.
Ashton Richards 10 months ago in "Wouldn't it be cool if..." 0 Future consideration

Add CCN to Explore/Analyze pages.

Please add CCN to Explore and Analyze pages. CCN's can be a valuable identification number to help organizations search & track competitors in their market. This is especially useful when organizations may be listed under a different name in t...
Ashley Scrimo 7 months ago in User Experience 0 Future consideration

Re-order quarterly distinct patient count so reads most recent to less recent

Per Consulate, plesae re-order the distinct patient counts on the Destinations Tab in Marketscape Insights so that the most recent quarter is the first quarter on the left and the least recent information is on the right.
Laura Green 5 months ago in User Experience 0 Future consideration

Add Time to Start of Care to Hospital Conversation Starters

Home Health agencies need a way to demonstrate their time to start of care vs competitors & benchmarks for each facility. Please consider adding this metric to the Sales Spotlight for a Facility under How Do I Stand Out. Please also consider a...
Nikki Condra about 1 year ago in Data Metric 2 Future consideration

Show the Latest Dataset on every page

Although we get alerts when the new dataset arrives, we need to be able to find the date of the latest data easily from within the product. Make it easy to find.
Charles Fox about 2 years ago in User Experience 2 Already exists

add ownership filter to explore page

on the explore page, it would be helpful to have a filter that allows you to filter by owner to find all agencies owned by that entity.
Mary Nichols 3 months ago in User Experience 0 Coming Soon!