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Add Sales Spotlight for SNFs in the Hospice Insights Platform

In the hospice platform of Marketscape Insights we have physician and hospital sales spotlights. Hospices also market to Skilled Nursing homes and it would be very helpful if they had a sales spotlight for this type of facility.
Laura Green 7 months ago in User Experience 1 Future consideration

Marketshare for Medicare Advantage

It would be interesting to see Marketshare by provider for MA on the Marketshare report. this is helpful to customers as MA plans start to grow
Mary Nichols over 2 years ago in Data Metric 3 On Roadmap

Hospice GIP info in GACH data

Would love to know the volume of hospice GIP level of care is provided inside ACHs.
Kristi Wimberly 12 months ago in Data Metric 9 Future consideration

Differentiate Pie Chart Colors in HME Analyze

Pie charts should have different colors to distinguish between payers
Max Rothman 4 months ago in HME / Infusion 0 Future consideration

Create Analyze page for each Medicare Advantage Plan

A page for each plan that shows associated providers and their volume under each plan.
Nikki Condra over 1 year ago in User Experience 3 Future consideration

Add a download that allows management to review physicians decile, market share MCR percentage, total patient count, address, NPI, county and zip

The information above would allow the management team to review the market to gain a perspective on which physicians to target and where to open another office
James DeVriendt 11 months ago in Data Metric 3 Future consideration

Add popup for global search/explore search

When a facility/agency hasn't updated their name on the NPI registry it can make it harder to find what you're looking for because their name in the community is different than their NPI. It would be helpful to add a popup when someone has tried s...
M Levine about 1 year ago in User Experience 0 Future consideration

agency aggregated data

if an agency has multiple npis, i would like to see my competitors roll up as well as my own agency as a whole
Mary Nichols almost 3 years ago in  1 Future consideration

Medicare Advantage Market Analysis/Analyze Page

Market Analysis and Payor Contracting (Exec., Analyst) Show me MA Plan Volume for my market and referral sources
Mary Nichols almost 2 years ago in Data Metric 3 Future consideration

Add MA Comm 65+ Sources to our Home Health Analyze Page

We need to be able to assess the volume coming to use under these more up to date payor categories
Nikki Condra 9 months ago in Data Metric 1 Future consideration