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Add CPT Filter to Marketscape

Add CPT Filter to Marketscape. Requested in order to search by CPT code because it aligns with the way in which customer handles referrals and new business partnerships.
Laura Green over 2 years ago in  8 Future consideration

Marketshare for Medicare Advantage

It would be interesting to see Marketshare by provider for MA on the Marketshare report. this is helpful to customers as MA plans start to grow
Mary Nichols over 2 years ago in Data Metric 3 On Roadmap

agency aggregated data

if an agency has multiple npis, i would like to see my competitors roll up as well as my own agency as a whole
Mary Nichols almost 3 years ago in  1 Future consideration

Consider Physicians Medical Group / Billing NPI as an independent aggregated provider type in Marketscape

This would allow more reporting to demonstrate performance based on interventions specific to the Groups. Link to snippet
Nikki Condra about 3 years ago in  4 Future consideration

Make it simple to identify/tag/save my program/ home branch from MY AGENCY NPIs

Making this part of a set up wizard at the users initial login seems easy, we just need a way to designate/tag it.
Nikki Condra almost 3 years ago in  2 Future consideration

Incorporate Medicare Advantage (MA) Data to support key activities

MA makes up half the business in some states and is growing, so I need to determine the best way to capture that market!!! Here are the activities, user roles, and usage scenarios that feel most important: Market Analysis and Territory Planning (E...
Andy Powell over 3 years ago in  3 Future consideration

Physician practice groups

Home Health and Hospice
Guest over 3 years ago in  2 On Roadmap

For Hospitals: Add % or volume count of discharges that happen on a weekend to Facility (Hospital) metrics

Having volume information on hospital weekend discharges would help us demonstrate the hospital's population need for a high % of HH stays started on a weekend that we have on the HH Analyze pages.
Nikki Condra 11 months ago in Data Metric 2 Future consideration

New Metric that highlights SNF population that receives hospice care for room & board patients

Goal is to show a hospice organization the patients who "reside" at this SNF as their home, but can receive for example routine services there. Shows potential referrral population and allows the leverage that a hospice needs to request a contract...
Nikki Condra over 2 years ago in Data Metric 2 Future consideration

Add Medicaid Data to Marketscape

I need a lens into all payers so I can best understand referral patterns. Depending upon my agency's strategy I may avoid or target certain referral sources based upon their Medicaid population.
Liz Gombosi almost 3 years ago in  2 Future consideration